"American Helicopters has maintained an excellent safety record. I've earned my private certificate and am working toward commercial certification. It's great to fly from a facility that has maintenance personnel readily available to answer questions." - Richard Ehrenberg


“I recently completed my Private Pilot-Rotorcraft, add-on rating with American Helicopters. As a professional pilot flying for United Airlines, previous airline check airman and former CFI, I recognize and seek out quality flight instruction. My experience with American Helicopters was first rate. The instructors and staff were excellent, always professional, thorough and focused on my needs - this allowed me to complete the rating in the minimum time required by the FAA and Robinson. I highly recommend American Helicopters to any prospective student seeking quality flight training!” - Paul Madsen


“I am a rotorcraft pilot. The FAA says so. More importantly, I know I can safely fly a Robinson R22! I am a long time airplane private pilot who always wanted to fly helicopters. After retiring, I decided to just do it. My training story is, sadly, probably fairly typical in getting my helicopter private pilot rating. I went through two schools and three instructors, obviously wasting time and money, before finding American Helicopter.

Here are the some of the reasons I believe American Helicopters is a great choice for getting a rotorcraft rating:

1. Primary Instructor: I was assigned a primary instructor who was dedicated to making sure that I was proficient and safe in all helicopter operations. American Helicopters utilizes a rigorous training syllabus and keeps detailed records of a student’s progress. However, your primary instructor is not your single point of contact with the school during your training. You will be given a “phase check” flight by the chief pilot who assesses both your flight training progress and evaluates the instructor’s performance as a teacher as well. (I note also that for scheduling your instructor and an aircraft, American Helicopters utilizes an on-line scheduling system that shows you the entire school schedule, both aircraft and instructors, and allows you reserve a block of time from the convenience of your home or office computer.)

2. Other Instructors: Occasionally, I would fly with one of the other instructors. This normally occurred for either of two reasons: 1) my primary instructor was unavailable, or, 2) my primary instructor thought I would benefit from instruction by a different CFI. There were times when I would “hit a wall” over some specific maneuver and a flight with a different instructor provided a new set of eyes and instruction technique to help me overcome the problem. I found this very helpful. Also, while on the ground, I always found all the CFI’s extremely helpful in answering questions about the R22, FARS, or anything about helicopter flying.

3. Helicopter availability: American Helicopters has a number of R22 and R44 helicopters always available. With a full time on-site A&P, I never missed a training opportunity due to downed aircraft. You may not get your favorite ship, but you will have a bird to fly. (I note also that the A&P was very approachable and helpful. I am an engineer and like to know why and how things work. When I had questions about something I found in a pre-flight, Steve (the A&P) always took time to explain what is acceptable and why. This gave me great confidence that the aircraft were in top notch condition and aided me in doing a more thorough and effective pre-flight.)” – Tom Doran


“My experience with American Helicopters has been outstanding. Their instructors are extremely professional, helpful and patient- exactly the qualities a new student pilot should look for. They clearly state tasks, conditions and standards, and provide encouragement throughout the course of training. They take pride in their work, and it shows. I would definitely recommend American Helicopters to anyone interested in learning to fly or hiring them for the various other services they provide.” - Tom L.


“A very professional flight school, but also a very happy one. Makes for a nice learning environment.

The equipment is recent and well-maintained. Also, lots of aircraft to choose from.

A varied cadre of flight instructors to suit every personality and requirement. They all get along well together.

An excellent place for someone who wants to find out what flying a helicopter involves.”
- Gene Silva


“I have enjoyed my experience with American Helicopters thoroughly.Everyone on staff is extremely courteous and helpful.I have trained with several of the flight instructors and would recommend them all to anyone.They are all knowledgeable,encouraging and safe.I will be sad when my training is complete because I wont be able to spend nearly as much time with them.” - Jim Webb