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Commercial Pilot License 

The Commercial Pilot License is for students wishing to become professional helicopter pilots or those who'd like to improve their skills as a pilot by learning to fly with a higher degree of precision and academics. The commercial rating is required before a pilot may be compensated or hired by a company to fly.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Currently have at least a Helicopter Private Pilot License

  • Hold at least a current FAA Second Class Medical Certificate (to receive compensation)

  • Complete Ground School Training

  • Acquire at least 150 flight hours, which must include a minimum 40 hours of dual flight and a minimum 110 hours of solo/PIC (Pilot In Command) flight

  • Pass FAA written test (knowledge exam) and checkride (practical test)

Pricing Information 

American Helicopters provides a multitude of pricing options for the Commercial License.

1. Block Time - Purchase 10 hours of flight instruction and get an extra hour for free!

2. Pay As You Go

3. Packages - Please contact us about packages for the Commercial License

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