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Private Pilot License 

The Private License is for those who wish to fly for pleasure and potentially personal business. It does not allow you to fly for hire as a professional pilot. With your Private license you are allowed to take friends and family for flights day or night in VFR weather conditions*. This is the basis of training most all pilots will begin with.

*American Helicopters Inc. solo and passenger carrying rental requirements also apply*

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language, or have such operating limitations placed on his/her pilot certificate as are necessary for safety

  • Be a US citizen or complete the non-citizen flight training registration requirements via

  • Hold at least a current FAA Third Class Medical Certificate

  • Complete Ground School Training

  • Acquire a minimum of 40 flight hours, which includes a minimum 20 hours dual flight (with an instructor) and minimum 10 hours of solo flight

  • Pass FAA written exam (knowledge test) and checkride (practical test)

Pricing Information 

American Helicopters provides an all inclusive training package for the Private License for $17,500 in a R-22 This pricing includes 50 hours of flight instruction, 40 hours of ground instruction, all necessary books & materials and one practical test and one written test fee.  If you are over 200 Lbs, inquire about an upgrade to an R-44.

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