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Career Pilot Program

American Helicopters is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and competitively priced career training programs in the industry. This program takes someone who has no helicopter experience and turns them into a professional helicopter pilot with a commercial instrument rating, flight instructor and instrument instructor certificates. At the completion of the program you will be eligible for employment with American Helicopters as a flight instructor and have a powerful name in the helicopter industry on your resume.

What the Career Package Includes

  • 225 hours of dual flight instruction in the Robinson R22

  • all necessary textbooks and materials

  • checkride and written fees (1 per rating)

  • 5 hours of dual flight instruction in the Robinson R44

  • unlimited 1-on-1 ground instruction time



For further information regarding the career package, pricing, payment information and to setup a meeting with a flight instructor please give us a call at 703-368-9599.

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