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American Helicopters provides professional flight training that meets FAA Part 61 and 141 standards and requirements.  Our pledge to you is to take your dreams and goals and make them a reality.  All of our ground and flight training is done one-on-one with your instructor.  We tailor our flight training programs to your specific needs and schedule.  Call on us today to set up a meeting with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor to start your training.  We have the best safety record and student pass rate in the country!

The Private Pilot rating is the basis to which all other ratings will be built upon. It is what the vast majority of students will work toward when first starting their training. Our Robinson R22's and R44's are the most common option. Student and instructor combined weight dictates what aircraft to use.


We offer a Private Pilot package that includes all books, materials and tests with 50 hours of Dual/Instruction time and 40 hours of ground. The pre-paid package price is $15,900

The Instrument Rating is by far one of the best tools to have in a pilot's skill set. Giving you the ability to fly in less than ideal conditions it teaches you to read the weather like a meterologist, flight plan with a high degree of accuracy and is essential for becoming a professional pilot.

Both the Robinson R22 and R44 can be used to train for the instrument rating.

The Commercial Rating is the basis of being a professional pilot. Giving you the ability to be compensated for acting as a pilot. This training is similar to your Private training but teaches you a higher degree of accuracy and you'll learn some new manuevers along the way. With this rating and an Intrument rating you'll be able to be hired by commercial operators such as agricultural operators, skydiving companies, flight schools and charter companies.

Both the Robinson R22 and R44 can be used for this rating.

Adding a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate to your ratings brings you to a Master's level of aeronautical knowledge and proficiency. You'll learn a vast variety of topics such as aviation law, the psychology of teaching, the laws of learning, advanced weather theory, advanced aerodynamics and you'll hone your existing skills to be able to replicate maneuver after maneuver to a high standard of completion.

Having a CFI in your ratings also makes you a competitive candidate in a hiring environment plus insurance companies love it. You can get your CFI and Instrument Instructor (CFII) as part of our Career Pilot Course or separately.

Currently not available- Moving up to turbine powered aircraft in an essential training evolution in getting hired at a large flight department. Using our Bell Jet Ranger we can provide turbine helicopter transition training for pilots seeking to move into a larger and more powerful helicopters than our Robinson fleet. This training teaches advanced airmanship, turbine engine operation and techniques that differ from piston powered helicopters. Our Jet Ranger's rate is $1150/hr. Dual instruction only.

Additional Training

American Helicopters also gives training toward the following ratings and endorsements:

​Bi-Annual Flight Reviews

Instrument Proficiency Checks

Rusty Pilot Training

Rotorcraft Airline Transport 

Robinson R22 and R44 SFAR 73

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